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Deborah Driscoll is a member of the SIGN with your BABY® Instructor's Network - the first and original baby signing organisation. All members have qualifications in sign language, and many have first-hand experience of teaching their own babies to sign.

Scientific research shows that a baby can understand and express much more than was previously thought possible. Through these award winning courses you too can tap into your baby's amazing capacity for understanding and see the benefits for yourself!

Since it was launched in 1999 The SIGN with your BABY® programme has enabled many thousands of parents and care-givers to successfully establish two-way communication, improve daily interactions and give their children a head start on early learning and language skills.

Joseph Garcia is the founder of the SIGN with your BABY®programme. A straightforward and light-hearted approach to showing infants how to communicate using simple sign language. His system draws from his years of research in early childhood development and from his own personal experience of signing with his two sons. 

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