Baby Sign Videos

Some fine examples of what Baby Signing can do for infant communication!
Our daughter Bethea has had great fun joining in the classes. Bethea was about 15 months when we made this video. At 23 months she was talking very well in quite complex sentences! She can happily sing and sign the rainbow colours too :)


More of Bethea's signing!



Beren was only 16 months old when this was recorded. Even then he was able to communicate quite specifically what he wanted to eat, and more as you will see. We taught him to sign as he was born with a severe tongue-tie which could have affected his speech (more about this). Thankfully, we were able to get him the right medical help to free his tongue. This video was made one month after surgery.

Fireese at age one year! Signs are American Sign Language but you can see the benefits of starting early. Use of this video is by kind permission of Laura Berg, Fireese's mother - see


Beren signing the Alphabet at age 23 months.
  Bethea shows us some of her signs, at the same age.